Earhart On Saipan

Just for those folks who haven't seen these clips yet:
here's about 20 eyewitnesses who saw Amelia Earhart in and around Saipan in 1937.

Includes some of the US Marines who found her plane on Saipan in June of 1944.

In a nutshell, based on the eyewitness reports:

1. She came down (or was shot down) near Mili Atoll.

2. She and Fred and the plane were put transported by Japanese barge to Jaluit.

3. She was visited on the ship at Jaluit by a medical officer (interview).

4. She and plane and Fred Noonan went to Truk (her suitcase found there during WWII)

5. She was then taken to Japanese military HQ in Japan.  Fred was executed early on (beheading). She was executed in May or June of 1944 as the US forces neared where she was held. (By the way, Saipan was part of Japan, just as its now part of the US - not many people know the history of the island or care to look it up.).  Many eyewitnesses saw her and Fred on Saipan from 1937 on.  She was seen by eyewitnesses (see video below) up until May or June of 1944 (when the US invasion of Saipan began).

6. She was beheaded and cremated. (eyewitness reports).  Footage of the crematorium is included below.

7. Her plane was discovered on June 19th, 1944 when troops liberated Aslito airfield. It was found in a hangar, intact.  It was kept intact for up to 6 weeks.

8. Someone ordered it to be destroyed.  Interview with the Marine who decoded that message from HQ included below.  Plane was towed to the south side of the runway and torched by US soldiers. (Many eyewitnesses, some on camera and some in print.).

9. Her plane - made of aluminum - was pushed off the airfield along with other burnt wrecks.  The burned pieces are buried somewhere on Aslito airfield.

10. Her briefcase was recovered by a US Marine and turned over to military HQ.  I have no evidence what happened to the briefcase, but if I was a betting man, it would have either been destroyed or is somewhere next to the "Ark of the Covenant" in Washington DC. (That's an Indiana Jones joke).  Here's excerpts from the footage shot on Saipan a year ago: