Latest News from Saipan UPDATE

We went to Saipan last February, to pursue these reports that she was there...

And guess what.

We have 15 NEW EYEWITNESSES who claim they saw Earhart and Noonan after she disappeared.
We have posted excerpts from these interviews at:


You'll find a clip of the interviews there.

Meanwhile, we have the permits to dig and look for her Electra on Saipan, so we are either going to go back with a sponsor, who has offered to fund the expedition, or we will raise money through crowd sourcing to return, something like the original Kickstarter that got us there in the first place.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know!!!

Meanwhile, you can view the previous documentary that I made with earlier footage on the right of this page.  For updated footage, please visit Earhart On Saipan for updates, news and more!!!

And most of all, Thank you supporters!!